Auto Repair Mechanics

  • A/C System Mechanic & Repair, Transmission Mechanic & Repair, Battery Testing & Replacement, Belts, Brake System Mechanic & Repair, Climate Control, Clutch Mechanic & Repair, Cooling System Mechanic & Repair, Electrical System, Engine Mechanic & Repair, Exhaust System, Fuel System Mechanic & Repair, Heating System Mechanic & Repair, Steering System Mechanic & Repair, Suspension System
  • Maintenance
    30K/60K/90K+ Mile Mechanic & Maintenance, Factory Maintenance, Lube Oil & Filter, Tune Up, Tire Rotation, Brake Inspection, Brake Noise/Squeal, Vehicle Inspection
  • Tires
    New Tires (all brands), Mount and Ballance,Tire Repair, Tire Road Hazzard Warranty, Tire Rotation.
  • Diagnostics
    Check Engine Light, ABS, Airbag, Drivability Problems, Ignition, Traction Control System, SRS, Smog Test Failure Repair, Advanced Computer Diagnostics for Mercedes Benz, BMW, Porsche, VW, Volvo and Audi.
  • Engine Work
    Head Gasket Repair, Water Pump, Coolant Leaks, Oil Leaks, Vacuum Leaks, Timing Belt/Chain Replacement, Engine Swap, Complete Engine Overhaul
  • Performance Upgrades
    Engine Tuning, Software, Brakes, Suspension, Driveline, Exhaust, Body Kits & Moldings, Interior, Wheel

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